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Virtual Enterprises International

New England League of Middle Schools are leaders in promoting middle level best practices by providing collaborative learning experiences that support students’ intellectual, academic, social, and emotional growth and success. 

NELMS is proud to be partnering with
Virtual Enterprises International.


The VE-JV Career Academy is a two-course sequence offering real-world experiences and hands-on learning about technology, business, and careers. Students work individually and as a team to develop technology, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills, preparing them for success in high school and beyond.


Technology Applications for Business (7th grade) introduces students to technology projects typically used in the business and professional world that require facility with spreadsheets, presentation software, word-processing, graphics, web design, and social media. Lessons and activities are built around an entrepreneurial theme and include projects such as creating a budget, conducting a break-even analysis, making expense reports, developing newsletters, developing and presenting a business plan, and more.


VE-Junior Ventures (8th grade) challenges students to build on skills from Technology Applications by collaborating with their classmates to launch and manage a business that replicates the functions and demands of real business in both structure and practice. Students take on the roles of employees in a company, work in functional departments of the organization (marketing, sales, human resources, accounting, finance, and IT) and complete department-related work and projects that support the goals of the company.


What's Included for Schools:


Curriculum & Supporting Activities

  • Hands-On, Standards-Aligned Curriculum including Teacher Lesson Plans, Student Activity Sheets and Supporting Material

  • Student Assessments

  • Portfolio Planning

  • Student Evaluations

  • Career Readiness Framework

  • Conferences & Exhibitions

  • Leadership Events

  • Competitions

  • Teacher Support & Training

  • Ongoing Professional Development



  • Teacher and Student Portal

  • Learning Management System

  • Online Banking System

  • Online Competitions

  • Webinars

  • E-Commerce Websites



  • Industry Partners

  • Business Professionals

  • Skills-Based Volunteers

  • Opportunities for Classroom Mentors

  • International Network

  • Teacher Network

  • Alumni Network

  • Regional Support Staff

  • Engaged Leaders

  • High School & Postsecondary Partners


To learn how to start a VE-JV Program at your school, CLICK HERE.

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