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42nd Annual Middle Level Conference & Exhibits

New England League of Middle Schools are leaders in promoting middle level best practices by providing collaborative learning experiences that support students’ intellectual academic, social, and emotional growth and success. 

43rd Annual Middle Level Conference
Program Book
March 25 & 26, 2024


Our Annual Middle Level Conference Program Book is available in several different styles/formats. Please feel free to download the style/format that you like best and that will work best with your device.

Standard PDF - will open on all devices and is scrollable.

PDF/2 Up - this style/format provides a two-page view for less scrolling.

PDF/Booklet - this style/format is best for printing.  Less paper and can fold to read like a book.

EPub - this style/format will open in phone, computer, or tablet via Android, Microsoft, and Apple Devices. (may require additional app and program format may look different)

CONFERENCE UPDATE SHEET - these are changes that have occurred since the program was finalized. (As of March 21, 2023)

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