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The New England League of Middle Schools is proud to announce

Offered in partnership with NELMS and Brain Power.

Brain Power Academy's PowerPD units are short and practical Professional Development opportunities that will empower you to help your students meet their social-emotional needs, both in the classroom and remotely. Created by Brain Power's team of educators, doctors, and neuroscientists with teacher's concerns in mind!


  • Engaging videos, quizzes, reflections, and discussions

  • Rooted in evidence-based practices

  • Self-paced units to earn Professional Development Hours/Points

  • Live workshops and trainings

IEP Goal Tracking: Remote or In-Person

With school buildings closed across the country, accommodating IEP goals of special needs students has been an even more pressing issue. During this course you will learn:

  1. An understanding of neurodiversity in the classroom and new approaches to special education will allow you to find the strengths in all of your students. Includes a Neurodiversity Strengths Checklist you can use with your students.

  2. The basics of special education law and how the pandemic has affected special education.

  3. New strategies to modify students’ current IEP goals, as well as develop new ones, to accommodate distance and hybrid, learning models.

  4. New digital tools and methods for collecting data to track and monitor your students’ IEP goals.

  5. Strategies for parent engagement in special education.

Stress Management for Teachers and their Students

NELMS and the neuroscientists and mental health experts at Brain Power Academy have teamed up to offer this course to help middle school communities manage stress and develop resiliency.

This course offers:

  1. Practical, scientific ways to reduce stress and anxiety in adults and children, specifically during the COVID era.

  2. Specific tools you can use in the classroom or through remote learning.

  3. A firm basis in neuroscience and published, peer-reviewed research. You will receive an extensive reference list for further study as part of the course.

SEL and Distance Learning: Empowering Your Students

Explore helpful strategies and tools to support your students' social-emotional development in a virtual setting during the COVID-era and beyond. 

Teaching Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is extremely important right now. Everyone is under tremendous pressure and the future feels more unpredictable than ever. Many students are experiencing high levels of stress as school schedules, environments, and social interactions have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. School—whether it’s done online, in person, or a mix of the two—can give students a sense of normalcy. But it’s important to acknowledge the anxiety students might be feeling. Chronic stress and trauma can interrupt the learning process. You, as educators, can help by incorporating social-emotional learning (SEL) in your teaching, and this PowerPD unit will give you the tools you need to be successful in doing so!

Distance Teaching for Special Education: Power Hacks and Pro Tips

We have heard from middle school educators that delivering on the promise of Special Education at a distance remains the most challenging aspect of remote learning in the era of COVID-19. School districts are continuously crafting and tweaking plans to facilitate high-quality instructions while keeping staff and families safe.

Has your Special Education strategy been working well? During this course you will learn:

  1. Master digital tools and teaching techniques to effectively engage students with special needs.

  2. Explore the Learning Brain vs. the Survival Brain.

  3. Take the Trauma-Informed Mental Health Assessment.

  4. And be introduced to colleagues from around the world tackling similar issues in their school communities.

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