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School Based Programs

New England League of Middle Schools are leaders in promoting middle level best practices by providing collaborative learning experiences that support students’ intellectual, academic, social, and emotional growth and success. 

Whole School Assessment

Using the research in Turning Points 2000 and The Successful Middle School: This We Believe, a whole school assessment helps you plan for the future by looking at your current practices. The process combines a self-study with observations from a visiting team to formulate a report with commendations and recommendations. At your request, NELMS can help design your professional development plan for the next three to five years. The program includes a planning phase, a three-day on-site visit, and a final assessment report.


After many years of research and field testing in schools throughout New England, the New England League of Middle Schools Assessment Program has proven to be highly successful. The assessment process reflects effective middle school practices.

Assessments provide valuable data to help focus positive change in school programs and practices.

NELMS is happy to work with you to tailor our professional assessment services to your individual needs and budgets. 

Focus Assessment

A Focus Assessment is designed for schools that want:

  • A specific tool to confirm quality of a program and to receive recommendations for growth

  • A vehicle to ascertain if instructional practices are fully implemented horizontally and vertically throughout the school

  • An "outside" viewpoint grounded in middle level research and best practices

  • A cost effective tool

  • A report which can provide direction with specific commendations and recommendation

A knowledgeable and experienced middle level educator will spend a day at your school to observe focus area classes or programs, interview teachers, students, and administrators, and review available data such as tests, curriculum, and committee work. Larger schools may require additional days or more than one assessor for an additional cost. A report will be issued within 30 days for you to use to develop future goals.

NELMS offers Focus Assessments in a variety of instructional, and organizational areas, and will work with you to develop the assessment that best fits your needs.

School Based Professional Development Services

Bring professional development to your school!

NELMS offers a variety of on-site professional services to help your school meets it's middle level best practice goals and initiatives.

We offer single day, multi-day and year-long programs in the areas of:

* Advisory

* Differentiated Instruction

* Advanced Teaming

* Improving your School's Climate & Culture

Don't see the topic you are looking for here? NELMS is happy to work with you to meet your school's goals. 

For more information, or to schedule a middle level course in your district contact our office.

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