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Spotlight School Award

Scofield Magnet Middle School

Stamford, CT
Principal: Scott Clayton


Scofield Middle School Web site

school pictureScofield Magnet Middle School, Stamford Public School System's only Magnet Middle School, is located at 641 Scofieldtown Road in Stamford, CT and is comprised of 587 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students.

Scofield Magnet Middle School has a diversely rich cultural population. Of the school's 587 registered students during the 2006-2007 school years, the Asian population represents 9.98% of the school's population; the black community represents 17.34%; the increasing Hispanic population within Stamford represents 24.87% and the Caucasian population represents 47.64% while the American Indian/Alaskan Native population represents 0.18% of the entire school population. Male population at Scofield Magnet Middle School is 283 while the female population numbers 288. Approximately, 40 % of the entire student body is eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Scofield Magnet Middle School is based on the belief of high standards for all students. The school philosophy is that students need to learn to think critically, master an appropriate body of knowledge, learn to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar settings, and to develop a constant desire to learn something new if they are to succeed in their adult lives. Students are selected to enter Scofield Magnet Middle School through a district-wide lottery; therefore, Scofield Magnet Middle School only serves those families who believe that the tracking of children is of little benefit regardless of the children's perceived or identified ability.

Students are engaged in a variety of activities which immediately immerse our students in the school's philosophical underpinnings:

  • Teach a curriculum that is rigorous and grounded in public academic standards.
  • Use instructional methods designed to prepare all students to achieve higher standards and become lifelong learners.
  • Organize relationships for learning to create a climate of intellectual development and a caring, nurturing community of professionals that share an educational purpose.
  • Govern democratically through direct representative participation of all school staff.
  • Provide a safe and healthy school environment as part of improving academic performance.
  • Involve parents in supporting student learning and healthy development.

Scofield's rise to Spotlight status took seventeen years and we cherish NELM's recognition of our school's accomplishments.