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Spotlight School Award

John T. Reid Middle School

Pittsfield, MA

Principal: Linda Whitacre

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At Reid Middle School, we work to:
- Provide students with a learning environment that is rigorous, engaging, and safe, and that will result in students developing a lifelong appreciation of learning.
- Help students develop literacy skills across all content areas that will lead to success far beyond school walls.

Reid Middle School is a small urban middle school with nearly six hundred students who participate in a range of academic and extra curricular activities. In addition, extensive after school programming operates through our 21st Century program grant.

At Reid Middle School grade level teaming and our "House model", standards based and data driven instruction, co-teaching practices, intensive remedial instruction for identified challenged readers and math students, Depth-of Knowledge based instructional strategies, and our problem-solving based student assistance model are just some of the structures used to support student success. In addition, the School Wide Positive Behavioral Support model is used to set behavior standards and help to establish optimal building climate.

Reid Middle School was named a NELMS Spotlight School in 2012 in recognition for our work in closing student achievement gaps over the past several years.

Exemplary Practices

Literacy Skills Program, Data Driven Instruction, School-Wide Positive Behavioral Support Model