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Spotlight School Award

Peoples Academy Mddle Level

Morrisville, VT

Principal: Wendy Baker



Peoples Academy Middle Level Web site

school picturePeoples Academy Middle Level is proud to serve our students, families and school community with a commitment to creating an environment that fosters learning and supports the well being and emotional growth of all. We are dedicated to engaging students' intellectual curiosity, excellence, and teamwork.

Working in partnership with our families and community we strive to provide an education that meets the needs of individuals and supports them on their learning journey and through their personal development. We believe that it is through cooperation, education, and partnerships that we contribute to the high quality education for our students and our community.

Peoples Academy Mission Statement: The goal of Peoples Academy Middle Level is that all students will demonstrate continued growth in respectful, responsible behavior and academic competence. We believe we will reach this goal through modeling, expert instruction, and by providing a safe and caring learning environment.