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Spotlight School Award

Hampstead Middle School

28 School Street
Hampstead, NH 03841-2139
Principal: Maria DiNola


Hampstead Middle School Web site

Hampstead Middle School is a learning community comprised of enthusiastic students, dedicated teachers and administrators, committed support staff, supportive parents, and involved community members. The goal of our staff is to meet the unique needs of every one of our 491 students in grades five through eight while encouraging personal growth and promoting development of individual potential.

Our philosophy at Hampstead Middle School is to promote an educational atmosphere that includes a supportive learning environment. This learning environment fosters:

  • An emphasis on excellence and achievement
  • A feeling of self-worth
  • Sensitivity toward human relationships and a respect for the abilities, values and attitudes of others essential to an effective academic program
  • A respect and trust in children
  • An academic program responsive and challenging to all students
  • An exploratory program developing appreciation, understanding and abilities in the arts
  • Our objective is to insure every child meets with success!

Exemplary practices.

  • One-to-one device school
  • STEAM integration
  • English Language Arts student achievements.