Distinguished Service Award


The New England League of Middle Schools “Distinguished Service Award” is presented to one or more outstanding New England educator (when appropriate) selected by the Board of Directors. To qualify, the individual(s) must have demonstrated qualities established in the criteria for nomination and selection for this award. They are:

A record of service that reflects a high level of dedication and commitment to the cause of quality education for early adolescents.

A life that models the human qualities which, one day, we would want early adolescents to emulate.

A record of scholarship invested in helping others to better understand the unique needs of early adolescents.

A record of activities that clearly demonstrates a concern for those less fortunate, in need of special leadership.

A record of leadership in organizing and directing others to excellence in middle level education.

A member of the NELMS Board, holding office when the “Distinguished Service Award” is voted, is not eligible for recognition. Likewise, individuals who have been NELMS Board Chairs are not eligible for a two year period after leaving the Board.

Distinguished Service Award Recipients
(Award began 1986/87)

John Lounsbury 1986

James P. Garvin 1987

J. Howard Johnston 1988

Nancy Doda 1989

George Melton 1990

William Alexander 1991

Gerald P. Bourgeois 1992

Chris Stevenson 1993

Preston Shaw 1994

Carol Spencer 1995

Henry Christ 1996

Jerome Belair 1997

Edward Brazee 1998

Neila Connors 1999

Sandra Caldwell 2000

Sam Lewbel 2001

Krista Abear 2002

Paul George 2003

Catherine Thibodeau 2004

James Beane/Barbara Brodhagen 2005

Earle Bidwell 2006

Sue Swaim 2007

Rick Wormeli 2008

Pat Clem 2009

Paul Freeman 2010


Richard Wheeler 2011

Jack Berkemeyer 2012


Lyn Healy 2013


Chris Toy & Jlll Spencer 2014


Paul Asbell 2015


Mary Jean Fawcett 2016


Penny Bishop 2017


Deborah Lachance 2018