NELMS Membership

PLEASE NOTE: Memberships for the year run from
July 1st through June 30th

Comprehensive: $295award ac2011

This membership is the most popular and enables all individuals within a school, organization or institution of higher learning to enjoy the benefits of membership.

Comprehensive membership includes the following benefits in addition to those listed:

  • Access to Parent Network-School Parent Groups can help initiate and sustain effective parent involvement. Receive information about adolescent development, effective middle level education, and parent group networking. All information will be e-mailed to the designated contact person.
  • Voting privileges (2 votes)-New England members only.

Small School District: $295

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A small school district membership enables individuals serving grades 5–8 within the district to enjoy the full benefits of membership at a reduced price and includes two (2) votes per membership - New England members only. (To be eligible schools must have a combined district enrollment of 800 students or fewer.)

Individual Small School: $200

The Small School membership enables all individuals within a small school organization to enjoy the full benefits of membership at a reduced price and includes two (2) votes per membership - New England members only. (Schools rick ac 2011must have a combined enrollment of 200 students or fewer and/or have 12 or fewer (FTE) professional staff assigned to grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Individual Educator: $70

Membership enables an individual to receive information from NELMS directly.

Parent/Retiree/Student: $35

These memberships are designed for anyone, retired educators who choose to remain informed about middle school issues, or full-time college students preparing for careers in education.

Download Membership Application acrobat logo

This is a static application - you will need to fill it out and fax or mail back to NELMS. Use this form if you are paying by check or with a purchase order. You may also use this for paying by credit card if you like.

Download Interactive Membership Application acrobat logo

You may use this form if you are paying by credit card.
To use this form you need to save it and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Acrobat Pro, it will not work from inside most browsers. Fill out the form and when you hit the submit button it will send an e-mail using your default e-mail application with a coded attachment containing your information. Please disable pop-up blockers since this process pops up your e-mail window. You can save the pdf to retain a copy of the form for your records. If you are having problems submitting the form or want more information click here.


Download Joint NELMS/NHAMLE Comprehensive
Membership Application
acrobat logo


If you are a business or an institution of higher learning please click here to see the appropriate membership for you.

The Value of Membership:

  • $100 voucher good for any NELMS professional development activity
  • Services of school/or program assessment
  • Professional development
  • Parent's Room & Teacher's Room on the NELMS Web site-informative articles and links to educational Web sites
  • Special member rates for NELMS services
  • Up to 20% savings on books
  • School recognition programs and awards
  • Extensive advocacy efforts on your behalf
  • Continuing education hours
  • Graduate credit
  • Connections to educational vendors
  • Onsite school consultations
  • Voting privileges–New England members only