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Creating a Legacy for you, the students, and middle level education!

NELMS proudly asks every middle level educator to continue or begin participation in our Annual Appeal. We encourage all educators and friends of educators to get involved and help us establish a lasting legacy for middle level education by becoming a NELMS Legacy Member. In our first year 2007, through the generosity of charter contributors, we raised $9,865.00 toward our goal.

We know that middle level students are special and many are evolving into wonderful young people. We know that they face challenges that others purport to understand but do not really comprehend. We know this critical time greatly influences values, personal safety, and self-identity. We also know our students are capable of learning to high levels and that schooling is in fact “All About Learning”. We know what works to effectively educate young adolescents. Advocacy can help others understand these issues more deeply.

There are many challenges facing the effective education of young adolescents. The issues associated with No Child Left Behind, of Adequate Yearly Progress, endless testing, and the continual anti-middle school voices, all point to the need for sustained advocacy for young adolescents and effective middle level education. Advocacy can help others understand these issues more deeply.

However, too many people in positions of great influence do not see this potential. They do not believe that young adolescents can find success, do not fully understand the developmental issues that influence classroom learning, and do not know which effective practices promote learning. We frequently see educational and other leaders developing policy or making decisions that are at odds with research based practices and effective learning for our students. Therefore, advocacy for students, teachers, and the middle level has evolved into our top priority at NELMS!

Since our inception, NELMS has always advocated for middle level education as our resources allowed. Today, and in the future, we see advocacy as a continuing, long term, and critical need. Sadly, as NELMS is currently funded, we cannot advocate in the powerful ways that NELMS leadership believe is necessary and effective. The Board of Directors believes in our Annual Appeal and that it is time for every middle level educator to participate in creating a lasting legacy for educators, our students and our country.

With your help, NELMS will:

  • Build greater public support for effective middle level education through public relations
  • Inform parents of the uniqueness of middle level education
  • Respond clearly, quickly, and effectively to those who smear, are untruthful, and are disingenuous in the public arena or the educational profession
  • Help new educators see the promise and continue the legacy so many others started
  • Educate community leaders, state policy leaders, and national leaders to support your life’s work as you willingly work tirelessly to help young adolescents learn and develop into moral educated members of our American society
    • Have direct conversations about effective middle level practices with leaders
    • Be proactive in the press and other media and respond to negative press with facts and research

As we strengthen this vital role, we hope that each and every middle level educator will contribute to this valiant and annual fundraising challenge to create the resources needed to effective advocators and ensure a bright future for young adolescence and middle level learning across New England. With your help and with wide participation from all, we can create a fund that has adequate resources to accomplish these and other important goals.

Please become a Legacy Member of NELMS. Review the information at or complete the form that is inside the “Fall” Mid Lines. Whatever legacy level you decide, it will help ensure a bright strong future now and those who follow in our profession. In five years, the goal is to have at least one million dollars dedicated for these purposes contributed by many individual middle level educators and friends of middle level education across New England. With wide participation from all, this goal is very attainable.

Please become a Legacy Member of NELMS. Review the information at or on the enclosed postcard inside this Mid Lines as it informs you of the contribution options available to you and your colleagues. Whatever legacy level you decide, it will help ensure a bright strong future now and those who follow in our profession.

Please consider one of these “Legacy Levels”:

$500 or more Platinum Legacy
$100 to $499 Gold Legacy
$50 to $99 Silver Legacy
$25 to $49 Bronze Legacy
$10 to $24 Copper Legacy
$5 Sustaining Legacy

Does a spouse have a matching donation provision at there place of work? Do you know someone in your family or in your community that might be able and willing to help with this drive? Perhaps a neighbor, a friend of a friend or a member in your church would be interested in the work we are trying to accomplish. Please ask them for their support. If they are interested, we can help you inform them with more information.

Can you donate a month’s worth of coffee money? Can you donate a months worth of television? Can you donate one month’s cell phone expenses? Can you donate a tank of gas? Can you place a value on what NELMS has meant to you, your school, or the ways NELMS has influenced practices in your school and across the region that make a difference? (NELMS is a 501©3 charity. All contributions are deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations.)

Payment options available are:

Send a check to NELMS payable to the "NELMS Legacy Fund"
Donate on line with your credit card at Network for Good
Ask to be billed

We need your help in this first ever appeal to create a lasting legacy to support and nurture middle level education now and into the future. Please send your donation TODAY!


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Did you know that…

Over 23,700 people have attended NELMS Annual Conferences and a large numbers come back every year!

NELMS has six professional awards for educators, one award for parents, the Scholar Leader Awards for students, and the Spotlight School Award for schools!

NELMS has crafted and revised eight position statements and endorses six others!

NELMS has offered school based professional development work in over 350 middle level schools over the last 6 years!

For over 95% of all NELMS “out-of-school” professional activities, 95% of respondents rated the sessions “good or excellent”!

The NELMS annual budget has been over one million dollars a year for the past seven years!

There have been only three Executive Directors of NELMS over the 35 years we have been in existence!

On average, over a dozen people call or email NELMS with a question each week!

We have sold over $450,000.00 worth of books over the last five years!


NELMS attends regularly scheduled meetings in five of the six state organizations!

NELMS has supported the Middle Level State, Regional, and National Leaders bi-annual meetings for over twelve years in order to improve communications and share effective practices!

NELMS has sponsored and organized the New England Middle Level Symposium for three years in a row and that this group brings together state policy level leaders and middle level leaders for collaboration, education, and mutual assistance!

NELMS is seen as a national leader in middle level education in many parts of the country!

Scholar Leader Dinners

Over 3,000 scholar leaders have been honored over the last seven years!

The Vermont and New Hampshire Governors, the Maine 1st Lady, the Massachusetts Commissioner and Co-Chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Education, the Rhode Island Regents Chair and the Commissioner’s representative, the Vermont Senate and House Education Committee Chair all usually attend!

The number of schools that participate in the awards dinner has increased almost every year!

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