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Managing the Madness:
A Practical Guide to Middle Grades Classrooms

Jack Berckemeyer

In the pages of Managing the Madness: A Practical Guide to Middle Grades Classrooms you’ll find innovative and specific ideas on discipline, humor, technology integration, student-teacher interactions, attention grabbers, classroom management, and much more. He tackles the most awkward situations that arise in middle level classrooms that are not often considered in other books.

Published by NMSA
PLU5864 $25.00

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Taming of the Team, How Great Teams Work Together

by Jack Berckemeyer

Get the best out of students by using teaming to nurture their educational, emotional, social, and developmental needs.

You will learn practical strategies to

  • Resolve conflicts.
  • Plan ahead and prevent time wasting.
  • Set consistent expectations for students.
  • Identify problems and recognize solutions with the “3-5-3” action plan.
  • Connect curriculum, instruction, and calendar schedules.

A healthy combination of humor, wit, and experience will guide you through the difficult task of taming your team.

Published by AMLE
PLU5899 $25.00

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What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know (3rd Edition)

Trudy Knowles and Dave F. Brown

What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know is a clear and comprehensive description of truly responsive middle school instruction. With the same teacher-friendly voice as in their first edition, Brown and Knowles provide what educators need to know to teach with skill and compassion, including information on:

  • the physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and identity-based development of students between the ages of 10–15
  • ways to design curriculum with students to engage them in thinking deeply about their learning and their world
  • explicit methods for creating the learning experiences and classroom environments that help young adolescents learn best
  • ideas for using assessment, including self-assessment, to encourage learning rather than merely measure it
  • the implications of high-stakes testing on curriculum and instruction
  • significant, recent research that supports the vital middle-level practices of advisory programs, teaming, flexible scheduling, exploratory experiences, looping, and student-led conferences.

Published by Heinemann
P6006 $36.25

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Creating Organizationally Healthy and Effective Middle Schools

Kathleen Roney, Vincent A. Anfara, Jr., & Kawthleen Brown

This significant volume brings to the forefront two well established but overlooked bodies of research—organizational health and effective schools—that fully support the middle school concept and its goal of increasing student achievement. The authors have thoroughly examined these studies and demonstrate in this volume that these research findings offer strong, corroborating evidence for the validity of the middle school concept.

Published by AMLE
P6015 $19.97

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Teaming Rocks!

Jill Spencer

Learn how your team members can start working together to develop engaging and challenging interdisciplinary units, coordinate practices and policies, forge strong partnerships with families, and more with the latest release from Jill Spencer.

Published by NMSA
P5878 $34.99

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Love Me When I’m Most Unlovable

Robert Ricken

The thoughts in this book, poems if you choose to call them that, are emotions expressed to the author during his 30 very rewarding years of working with young adolescents. These expressions are the sincere reflections and sentiments of young people as they struggle toward adulthood.

Published by NMSA
P5833 $12.00

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Implementing And Improving Teaming: A Handbook For Middle Level Leaders, 2nd Edition

Jerry Rottier

One of NMSA's best sellers has been greatly expanded from the original edition in 1996. The author thoroughly explores the powerful potential of teaming in all its aspects. He walks us through the rationale, various scheduling and organizational arrangements, and the fundamental characteristics of effective teams. Roles of the team leader, the principal, the staff, all key players in the teaming concept, are fully explored.

Published by NMSA
P2114 $30.00

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Mr. DeVore's Do-Over: A little story for teachers

David L. Puckett

Mr. DeVore’s Do-Over is a charming tale—but very true to life—of how a teacher made a difference in a student’s life. This attractive little book makes a great gift for any middle school teacher.

Published by NMSA
P5784 $14.00

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The Definitive Middle School Guide

Imogene Forte & Sandra Schurr

This comprehensive, research-based guide provides the perfect overview for educators, administrators, and others concerned with middle school success. Major topics include: nuts and bolts of middle grades education, interdisciplinary teaming, advisory, cooperative learning, creative and critical thinking skills, assessment, and interdisciplinary instruction.

Published by Incentive Publications
P1226 $29.99

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Coming of Age:
The Education & Development of Young Adolescents

Kenneth Brighton

Interesting, personal, and practical, this book is a fresh resource for educators and parents who want to improve their understanding of what makes these no-longer-children-but-not-yet-fully-adolescents tick.

Published by NMSA
P5830 $25.00

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H.E.L.P. for Teachers (of 10 packs)

Judith Baenen and Jack Berckemeyer

This fun, easy-to-read pamphlet will help teachers of 10 to 15 year olds recognize, understand and deal with these gifts and challenges of middle school teaching and keep moving forward. This pamphlet will provide the inspiration for teachers to re-connect to young adolescents.

Published by NMSA
P5780 $12.00 (package of 10)

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Reaching and Teaching Middle School Learners

Penny A. Bishop and Susanna W. Pflaum

Written for new and veteran teachers of grades 4-8, the unique framework of this book takes its cue from the students themselves by using their own words and drawings, combined with the authors’ action research, insightful analysis and shared experiences.

Published by NMSA
P5803 $28.95

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Meet Me in the Middle:
Becoming an Accomplished Middle-Level Teacher

Rick Wormeli

The author lays out a clear vision of what responsive middle level teaching should be. This is a book for all reasons—help for the novice teacher, support for the mid-career teacher wanting to improve her craft, and inspiration and confirmation for the later–career teacher as well. Part I creates a culture of learning, leading to Part II and many specific ideas on promoting higher student achievement through innovative and accomplished practice. Part III cycles back to the middle school context—effective teams, teacher-student advisories, outdoor adventures, and working with parents.

Published by NMSA
P4820 $25.00

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