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What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know
3rd Edition

Dave F. Brown & Trudy Knowles

Middle level researchers Dave Brown and Trudy Knowles have updated their bestselling classic What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know with more student voice as well as timely new research, strategies, and models that illuminate the philosophies and practices that best serve the needs of young adolescents.

Published by AMLE
P6006 $36.25

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Magic in the Middle II


Magic in the Middle II articulates vision and standards for middle level education that will enable practitioners and policy personnel to better understand the many facets that comprise effective learning for young adolescents in Massachusetts schools. The ideas, research, and strategies contained in this document will help guide the education of middle level students.

Also available in packs of 10 and 50. Please call NELMS for details.

Published by NELMS
P5876 $9.95

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Research and Resources in Support of This We Believe


Research and Resources in Support of This We Believe is an invaluable and concise guide for educators and those dedicated to the education of young adolescents. This edition, an essential companion to NMSA's position paper This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents, articulates the research related to the middle school concept and the 16 characteristics of successful middle grades schools.

Published by NMSA
P5869 $15.00

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This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents


If you are committed to helping young adolescents become successful, responsible, global citizens, National Middle School Association invites you to read and implement This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents.

This book describes the 16 vital characteristics of successful middle grades schools, and is a critical resource for everyone involved in the education, health, and well being of today’s young adolescents. Now in its fourth edition, NMSA’s landmark position statement shares the enduring lessons learned in more than 35 years of active middle school advocacy. When its concepts are embraced, students are prepared for success in school and career.

Published by NMSA
P5862 $15.00

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Middle School Is Not a Building-VAMLE report


The Vermont Middle Grades Task Force offers 11 recommendations that focus on four areas of improvement: curriculum, instruction and assessment; school organization and community; teacher training and development and student voice. These important components work together to ensure that every young adolescent attains a high degree of academic excellence and personal efficacy.

Published by NELMS
P5870 $15.00

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Soaring to New Heights report-NHAMLE report


A Position Paper of New Hampshire Association for Middle Level Education

Published by NELMS
P5871 $10.00

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This I Believe (poster)

For middle level educators who are committed to the success and well being of their students, NMSA has developed a powerful statement of belief for sharing with colleagues, parents, community members, and policymakers. This attractive poster should be posted in your school as a message to everyone about the dedication of your staff. (8 1/2" by 12", packets of 10).

Published by NMSA
P5774 $8.00

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Turning Points 2000:
Educating Adolescents In The 21st Century

A Carnegie Corporation Project By Anthony W. Jackson & Gayle A. Davis

Make no mistake—this is one book that every middle level educator should read! Turning Points 2000 is the book that everyone will be talking about for many seasons to come.

Published by Teacher's College
P4200 $20.95

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Leadership That Makes a Difference: Revitalizing Middle Schools

Sally Clark & Don Clark

This book will assist school leaders as they undertake the important steps required to revitalize their schools. The 12 articles in this book, originally written for the Middle School Leadership column published in Middle School Journal, are organized into five sections.

Each section of the book starts with a brief introduction and concludes with Challenges for Action to encourage principals and leaders to reflect on the contents of the section and take action.

Published by NMSA
P5846 $23.00

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