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Pathways to the Common Core

Lucy Calkins, Mary Ehrenworth, and Christopher Lehman

Lucy Calkins and her colleagues at the Reading and Writing Project have helped thousands of educators design their own pathways to the Common Core. Now, with Pathways to the Common Core, they are ready to help you find your way.
Designed for teachers, school leaders, and professional learning communities looking to navigate the gap between their current literacy practices and the ideals of the Common Core, Pathways to the Common Core will help you:

  • understand what the standards say, suggest, and what they don't say;
  • recognize the guiding principles that underpin the reading and writing standards;
  • identify how the Common Core's infrastructure supports a spiraling K12 literacy curriculum; and
  • scrutinize the context in which the CCSS were written and are being unrolled.

Published by Heinemann

P5883 $33.75

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The Learning Leader:
How to Focus School Improvement for Better Results

Douglas B. Reeves

Acclaimed author and consultant Douglas B. Reeves debunks many common myths about school leadership and equips you with better strategies and tools for leading your organization to higher student achievement. Understand why focusing on results only can lead to misperceptions about your school�s true performance. Discover how to use a Leadership for Learning Framework to relate leadership actions to school success, and explore ways to use leadership maps.

Published by ASCD
P5815 $26.95

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