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Latest & Greatest Teaching Tips: Homework

Rick Wormeli

Revolutionize your ideas about homework Rick! Wormeli packs this foldout with wise advice about appropriate and inappropriate purposes for homework, ways to get students to DO homework, kinds of assignments to give (and NOT give), and other homework dilemmas. This invaluable resource will help anyone formulate or evaluate a homework policy—to end up with one that works!

Incentive Publications
P4832 $6.99

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Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy

by Judith Irvin
Julie Meltzer
Nancy Dean
Martha Jan Mickler

Taking the Lead on Adolescent Literacy provides educational leaders with a user-friendly and comprehensive planning process for developing a new literacy initiative—or for dramatically enhancing a current plan--that has the power not only to raise student performance levels but also to positively impact graduation rates, employability, and higher education success.

Using a five-stage framework that has been field-tested nationwide for more than a decade, the authors provide an array of resources to guide in-depth planning, implementation, and monitoring to ensure sustained results, supported by examples from literacy-rich schools, checklists and assessments, and a glossary of terms. Each stage in the process builds upon a school or district's existing capacities and focuses on six detailed rubrics that can be implemented at every stage to help ensure long-term success:

  • Student motivation and engagement
  • Literacy across the content areas
  • Literacy interventions
  • Literacy-rich environment, policies, and culture
  • Parent and community involvement
  • District support of school-based efforts

Helping educators build the critical skills in students for communicating and making meaning within an increasingly complex world, this book shows how a sustained focus on literacy can serve as a powerful lever for school improvement.

Published by Corwin
PLU5908 $38.95

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RTI in Middle and High Schools

by William N. Bender

Perhaps more than any other single initiative, response to intervention is likely to restructure how middle and high school teachers teach in a very profound way. While the impact of RTI alone will be significant, when coupled with differentiated lesson activities for all Tier 1 instruction, and supported by up-to-date instruction technologies, that impact is likely to refocus instruction in middle and high school classes rather drastically.
RTI in Middle and High Schools is a timely and targeted resource that discusses the innovations of RTI, differentiated instruction, and instructional technologies. Explore numerous real-world case studies and find solutions for the complex challenges of implementing the RTI process.

Published by Solution Tree
PLU5905 $29.95

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Pyramid Response to Intervention

by Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber

Accessible language and compelling stories illustrate how RTI is most effective when built on the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process. Written by award-winning educators from successful PLC schools, this book demonstrates how to create three tiers of interventions—from basic to intensive—to address student learning gaps. You will understand what a successful program looks like, and the many reproducible forms and activities will help your team understand how to make RTI work in your school.

Published by Solution Tree
PLU5904 $27.95

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Ten Different Strategies for Building Common Core Literacy

by Jill Spencer

In Ten Differentiation Strategies for Building Common Core Literacy, Jill Spencer shares effective, proven strategies to engage students in reading and writing across the curriculum. With Common Core State Standards in mind, you will discover:

  • What you need to know about Common Core literacy standards
  • How to instruct students even if you are not a reading or writing teacher
  • What to do if students don't like or understand the textbook
  • How to support the creative endeavors of students

Order today to improve instruction and increase student engagement with easy-to-use strategies!

Published by AMLE
PLU5931 $24.99

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Differentiation and the Brain
How Neuroscience Supports the Learner-Friendly Classroom

by David Sousa and Carol Ann Tomlinson

Examine the basic principles of differentiation in light of what current research on educational neuroscience has revealed. This research pool offers information and insights that can help educators decide whether certain curricular, instructional, and assessment choices are likely to be more effective than others. Learn how to implement differentiation so that it achieves the desired result of shared responsibility between teacher and student.

Published by Solution Tree
PLU5901 $29.95

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Differentiation and Grading with Rick Wormeli
DVD collection


Bring a virtual Rick to your school!

  • 6 dynamic sessions on 7 DVD's
  • Powerpoint presentation and handouts available on
  • Practical advice on diverse middle level learners in middle level classrooms.
  • Shatter myths about differentiation

Handouts, Real-Life Examples, Lots of Humor, Candid Conversation, Innovative Practice

Rick Wormeli brings innovation, energy, validity and high standards to both his presentations, and his instructional practice, including more than 25 years of teaching. He is 2008 Winner of the "NELMS James P. Garvin Distinguished Service Award". With his substantive presentations, sense of humor, and unconventional approaches, he presents nationally and internationally.
PLEASE NOTE: There is no further discounting of this dvd collection.
ALSO NOTE: Shipping is $10 for this item so please disregard what the automated book store tells you it will be.

Published by NELMS
PLU4821 $249.00

wormeli dvd

RtI With Differentiated Instruction, Grades 6-8:
A Classroom Teacher's Guide

by Jodi O'Meara

An efficient way to merge differentiated instruction and RtI

Collecting, processing, and using assessment data to form instruction for each student can be overwhelming—especially with so much diversity in the classroom. Help is here, with this hands-on guide that brings together the two leading approaches to teaching students of varying abilities: Response to Instruction and Intervention (RtI) and differentiated instruction (DI). Written in a practical, "how-to" format, this book gives middle school teachers strategies for adapting assessments, curriculum, and instruction to student abilities. Key topics include:

  • Differences and similarities between RtI and DI
  • Data analysis for effective instructional decision making
  • Strategies for applying RtI and DI to all students, including English learners, children with special needs, and high-ability students

Focused on user-friendly strategies for the classroom rather than school systems, this helpful guide includes lesson plans, case studies, examples, rubrics, and teacher reflection exercises. Streamline your instruction with this winning combination and watch student achievement soar!

Published by Corwin
PLU5646 $36.95

rti with di bookcover

PLCs, DI, & RtI: A Tapestry for School Change

by Judy Stoehr, Maria Banks & Linda Allen

A framework for weaving common threads into an artful solution

Rather than buying individual books about professional learning communities (PLCs), differentiated instruction (DI), and Response to Intervention (RtI), invest wisely in one resource that synthesizes all three. The text uses a tapestry analogy to weave together these critical topics to form a comprehensive framework for achieving continuous school improvement. The result is a stronger foundation for administrators' leadership direction and teachers' instructional decisions based on:

  • Utilizing PLCs as the framework for sharing new strategies and understandings
  • Discussing data collected through assessments
  • Evaluating data against benchmarks

Included are walk-through checklists, learning-style surveys, and examples that illustrate practical strategies for integrating DI and RTI and collaborating with colleagues to assess student learning and adapt instruction and interventions. This timely resource efficiently provides all the information you need to optimize instruction for outstanding results.

Published by Corwin
PLU5648 $34.95

plc, di, rti book cover

The Key Comprehension Routine

by Joan Sedita

This book is the updated second edition of the The Key Three Routine: Comprehension Strategies. The Key Comprehension Routine is a flexible program that can be used to teach and practice comprehension strategies for grades 4 through 12. The routine includes the following skills and strategies: main idea skills, use of text structure, top-down topic webs, two-column notes, summarizing, and question generation using Bloom's Taxonomy. These skills are combined into a series of four activities that can be used with all content reading material and classroom lessons.

Published by Keys to Literacy
PLU4660 $35.00

key book pic

The Key Vocabulary Routine

by Joan Sedita

The Key Vocabulary Routine is a content vocabulary program for grades 4 through 12 that can be used in all classrooms. The program emphasizes the integration of vocabulary instruction in any content area (e.g., science, social studies, English language arts, math).
Research has found that that there is no one best method for vocabulary instruction, and that vocabulary should be taught both directly and indirectly. It has also found that the least effective instructional practice is the memorization of word definitions.

Published by Keys to Literacy
PLU4661 $35.00

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RTI Success: Proven Tools and Strategies for Schools and Classrooms (Book with CD-ROM)

Elizabeth Whitten, Ph.D., Kelli J. Esteves, Ed.D., and
Alice Woodrow, Ed.D.

What is Response to Intervention (RTI) and how can it benefit your school? Find out in RTI Success, an all-in-one resource that provides information on this innovative model as well as step-by-step administrator guidelines and practical teacher tools for implementation.

Published by Free Spirit
PLU5868 $39.99

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Metaphors & Analogies
Power Tools for Teaching Any Subject

Rick Wormeli

Metaphors and analogies are more than figurative language suitable only for English classes and standardized test questions. They are “power tools” that can electrify learning in every subject and at all grade levels. Metaphors show students how to make connections between the concrete and the abstract, prior knowledge and unfamiliar concepts, and language and image.

Published by Stenhouse Publishing
PLU5863 $23.00

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Scheduling to Improve Student Learning

Ron Williamson

In Scheduling to Improve Student Learning, veteran administrator Ron Williamson gives you ideas and examples to use from the moment you decide to start a conversation with the school community about changing the schedule with the goal of improved student learning. He offers sound advice on ways to build a readiness for change and affirm a common vision. In this resource you will find real-life examples of schedules that school leaders, using a collaborative process, created to advance academic achievement in their schools.

Published by NMSA
P5859 $15.00

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The Battle Over Homework: Common Ground for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents, third edition

Harris Cooper

This new edition of the best-selling book provides readers with the terms, definitions, and research evidence needed to explore the issues of homework in a constructive manner and to set effective policies, rules, and guidelines. A decade of new findings and highlights of the author's extensive survey of teachers and families are included.

Published by Corwin Press
P5450 $22.95

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Professional Learning Communities at Work™:
Best Practices for Enhancing Student Achievement

Richard DuFour & Robert Eake

This resource guides you through recommendations drawn from the best practices found in schools nationwide for continuously improving school performance. The book provides specific, practical “how-to” information about transforming schools into results-oriented professional learning communities. Richard DuFour is the former Superintendent of Adlai Stevenson High School District and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on applying the principles of PLC. Robert Eaker is the former Dean of the College of Education at Middle Tennessee State University and a nationally known authority on instructional leadership.

Published by Solution Tree
P5860 $29.95

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Smart in the Middle Grades:
Classrooms That Work for Bright Middle Schoolers

Carol Ann Tomlinson and Kristina Doubet

Authors provide a solid rationale for meeting the needs of all young adolescents, guidelines for a curriculum that is responsive to the diversity that all middle level teachers encounter, and a wonderfully rich set of instructional strategies especially appropriate for high ability and high potential students.

Published by NMSA
P5822 $24.00

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Fair Isn't Always Equal

Rick Wormeli

Differentiated instruction is a nice idea, but what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students? What’s both fair and leads to real student learning? Wormeli offers the latest research and common sense thinking that teachers and administrators seek when it comes to assessment and grading in differentiated classes. Wormeli tackles important and sometimes controversial assessment and grading issues constructively as well as offering nitty-gritty details of grading and assessment.

Published by Stenhouse Publishers
P5796 $25.00

From the author
Hey everyone–I′m sending this to you because you are family or a friend and might be interested in an interview that just came out regarding this book. It deals with some of the myths, concerns, positives, and ideology behind standards-based assessment and grading in differentiated classrooms. It‘s conducted by a principal in NJ who has a really nice Website called, “Educational Insights.” Feel free to delete this, if you’re not interested, but in case you are, here‘s the URL:
Click here for the interview!

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Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching

Robyn R. Jackson

If it ever feels like teaching is just too much hard work, here's a guide that helps you develop a more fluid and automatic way to respond to students and deliver great teaching experiences every time. Using a short set of basic principles and classroom examples that promote reflection.
Find out where you are on your own journey to becoming a master teacher, which steps you need to take to apply the principles of great teaching to your own practice, and how to advance to the next stage of your professional development. Lots of classroom tips, problem-solving advice, and tools to help you begin practicing the book's principles in your classroom right away.

Published by ASCD
P5856 $26.95

book image

Summarization in Any Subject: 50 Techniques to Improve Student Learning

Rick Wormeli

Explores 50 time-tested summarization strategies that get students more involved in learning, improve comprehension, and boost long-term memory. Discover written, spoken, artistic, and kinesthetic summarization techniques perfect for both individual assignments and group activities across the curriculum.

Published by ASCD
P5757 $29.95

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Everyone's Invited:
Interactive Strategies That Engage Young Adolescents

Jill Spencer

This book helps you design a classroom where everyone's invited. Jill Spencer offers imaginative learning activities, which allow students to explore ideas and clarify their understanding of the world. Learn how to use 21st century technology as an integral component of the learning process and not just a novelty.

Published by NMSA
P5854 $27.00

book image

Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers

Debbie Silver

Differentiated instruction is a nice idea, but what happens when it comes to assessing and grading students? What’s both fair and leads to real student learning? Wormeli offers the latest research and common sense thinking that teachers and administrators seek when it comes to assessment and grading in differentiated classes. Wormeli tackles important and sometimes controversial assessment and grading issues constructively as well as offering nitty-gritty details of grading and assessment.

Published by Incentive Publications
P5794 $19.99

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Differentiation: From Planning to Practice Grades 6-12

Rick Wormeli

A collection of materials and activities that all teachers/teams can use to sharpen their skills in ways that will involve students and increase achievement. This kit is a true "do-it-yourself" staff development experience that will help teachers sharpen their instructional practices and improve students learning with no outside help required!

Published by Stenhouse Publishers
P5829 $25.00

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Meeting the Challenge of Adolescent Literacy

by Mark W. Conley

In this concise, thought-provoking book, prominent researchers analyze existing knowledge on adolescent literacy, examine the implications for classroom instruction, and offer specific goals for future research. The volume reviews cutting-edge approaches to understanding the unique features of teaching and learning in secondary schools. Particular attention is given to how teaching literacy across disciplines can improve students' content-area learning, and the book includes chapters dedicated to literacy in math and science classrooms. Also addressed are key findings and unresolved questions regarding fluency instruction, struggling adolescent readers, responding to the literacy needs of African American adolescents, and literacy coaching.

Published by Guilford Publications, Inc
P5853 $28.95

book image

Day One & Beyond

Rick Wormeli

For new teachers or those just new to the middle school environment, here is an invaluable resource. Oriented toward the unique experience of teaching grades 5 through 9, Day One and Beyond delivers proven best practices along with humorous observations that provide a window into the middle school environment.

Published by Stenhouse Publishers
P5230 $23.00

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