Why Database Educating?

Database educating benefits all students by helping them better experience the utility and value of their education. It is designed to grab their attention and provoke deep thinking about their world and demonstrate the importance of an education in their lives. Today, teachers must compete with highly visual, entertainment-packed media presentations from theaters, phones, computers and television programming that have re-defined what "interesting" is for young adolescents (watch video). Database educating is a teaching strategy that helps teachers create unique and engaging educational experiences that grab the attention of their students.


Why database educating? To date, more than 500,000 students and more than 25,000 teachers and administrators have completed the My Voice Survey (Pearson Foundation Million Voice Project and the Quaglia Institute) and they are clear about what it takes to improve student outcomes. The conditions that foster and promote academic success are:

  1. Belonging
  2. Heroes
  3. Sense of Accomplishment
  4. Fun and Excitement
  5. Curiosity and Creativity
  6. Spirit of Adventure
  7. Leadership and Responsibility
  8. Confidence to Take Action

NCDE understands the need and importance of middle level education in preparing young adolescents for college, career and life. Not only does Database Educating enrich and enhance traditional educational content, it is designed to get students to think about 1) the needs and challenges facing our country and how they affect them now and in the future, and 2) what role they might play after graduation in making our country the best it can be. Within this context, an education moves away from being an objective and more towards becoming a valuable strategy needed to thrive and succeed in the 21st century.