How does it work?

What technology do I need?

Any classroom with an Internet-enabled computer and a projection device such as a Smartboard or an LCD projector is ready to database educate.

Who uses it?

In today’s information-driven world, data are everywhere and converting that raw data into actionable information requires knowledge and intelligent application of math. Therefore, database educating offers math teachers an incredible context to demonstrate the value of math in the 21st century and differentiate instruction in new an unique ways. Once the data are converted to information, people need to be in a position to communicate it to others. Therefore, database educating is perfect for English Language Arts as well.

Database educating offers math and ELA teachers incredible opportunities to join forces in new ways and demonstrate the power of an education as a single valuable strategy needed to succeed in life and in the workforce.

How is it applied in the classroom?

Database educating can be used in multiple ways to illuminate educational standards and inspire students:

  • Introduce a new concept/skill (purpose and value)
  • Class warm up (focus students)
  • 5 -10 minute "in the news" discussions (immediate relevance)
  • Data-enriched writing article (ELA skills applied)
  • Skill and concept knowledge (differentiated Instruction)
  • Critical Thinking (valuable skill desired by employers)
  • Real world problem solving (issues confronting USA)
  • Interdisciplinary (education of "one")
  • Capstone Experience (setting enduring understanding)