How do I get started?

Database educating starts with professional development to equip middle level teachers with the skills needed to integrate real world data into the teaching-learning process. It consists of the following components:

Initial training (1 day): Onsite professional development for all teachers participating in the program. As part of the training, teachers will learn a variety of ways to integrate database educating into their classroom activities. Teachers will receive xx continuing training education units. Training also includes time with DataSource Discover, which is a powerful tool that will spark new and creative ideas to database educate.

Follow-up visit by trainer (Half day): 1 follow-up visit by the trainer with teachers in small groups or in classrooms. Teachers will share ideas and trainer will provide additional thoughts and recommendations to maximize training.

Training: $2,500 (Introductory rate for 2010-2011 school year only)
DataSource Discover™ annual subscription:
School size:



*** 1 year money back guarantee on DataSource Discover™ ***
Training discount of 15% applies to whole district implementation

For more information, contact NCDE’s Executive Director, Chris Moore at:
Phone: 978-250-0018
Email: Chris